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Blake Lee Andrews ef8f7bc5a8 backgrounds 2 months ago
Sword_kool_man spin 5 years ago
Sword_spoopy spin 5 years ago
Sword_visitor new chameleon; alien sword smears; website updates 2 years ago
alienAnimations Merge branch 'art' into gdc 2 years ago
bg backgrounds 2 months ago
bgm preload gif frames, move music into resource folder 2 years ago
emoAnimations Merge branch 'art' into gdc 2 years ago
gif bouncing scrape gif bubble 3 years ago
koolAnimations Merge branch 'art' into gdc 2 years ago
littleSlimeGoop Merge branch 'art' into gdc 2 years ago
newTony arms and head and shoulders 3 years ago
pad new board assets 2 months ago
pad_mask adjustements for new pad 2 years ago
qr add QR code to tony's shirt, add links for shop, wiki, and kofi to web page 4 months ago
scrapeIcons barf 5 years ago
sfx per level boss cooldowns and health decrease 2 years ago
sword moved sword into resource folder 2 years ago
timer timer 2 years ago
Alien_avatar.png arm and animated sprites for all bosses 2 years ago
BPmono.ttf draw scores once and set clip 10 months ago
Big_Tony.png moved black tony 3 years ago
Black_Tony.png moved black tony 3 years ago
Chemtrails.png ic 6 years ago
DancePadClear.png flush 5 years ago
HUD_background.png hp 6 years ago
HUD_bar.png hp 6 years ago
HUD_boss.png adjust platform and boss health hud for smaller resolution, add donation button to web site 11 months ago
HUD_boss_health_background.png bar 5 years ago
HUD_boss_health_foreground.png bar 5 years ago
HUD_circle.png dots 5 years ago
HUD_health.png dots 5 years ago
HUD_lives.png dots 5 years ago
HUD_timer.png dots 5 years ago
Heart.png ic 6 years ago
Hourglass.png hourglass 5 years ago
Ink.png increase screen resolution to widescreen, adjust title screen and screen wipe graphics 2 years ago
Introduction_skateboard.png dialogue 6 years ago
Introduction_slime_bag.png dialogue 6 years ago
Introduction_slime_bag_board.png skip 6 years ago
Introduction_tony_avatar.png dialogue 6 years ago
Kool_man_avatar.png skip 6 years ago
Kool_man_waah.png spin 5 years ago
Plus.png squares 5 years ago
Spoopy.png spin 5 years ago
Spoopy_avatar.png pattern 6 years ago
Sword.png opacity 5 years ago
Sword_kool_man.png energy 5 years ago
Sword_spoopy.png energy 5 years ago
Sword_visitor.png energy 5 years ago
Timer_label.png timer 6 years ago
Title_border.png barf 5 years ago
Title_plank.png attract mode work in progress 3 years ago
Title_slime_bag.png wipe 6 years ago
Title_text.png barf 5 years ago
Title_tile.png title screen glowing effects; maybe fixed continue bug 3 years ago
Visitor.png spin 5 years ago
rounded-mplus-1m-bold.ttf ic 6 years ago
scores add dates to calendar 2 months ago