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Land the triangles without touching the rods


  • Left/Right - Move rods
  • Down - Increase fall speed
  • F11 - Full screen



Once Python and Pygame have been installed, clone the repository, including PGFW, and run OPEN-GAME

git clone --recursive
cd ibitfit/

Raspberry Pi

If running on a Raspberry Pi, it is possible to control left and right using buttons connected to the Raspberry Pi pins GPIO 24 and GPIO 23. It should work automatically as long as RPi.GPIO is installed, which should be installed by default.

BiTFiT is the first Playzing compatible game. See the Playzing builder's manual for detailed instructions on how to get it running.


If running on Linux without X-Windows (for example, Raspberry Pi Lite OS), there are two options for launching:

  • add --kms to the command line if the newer KMS driver and Pygame 2 are being used
  • add --fb to use the framebuffer if using Pygame 1