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Land the triangles without touching the rods


  • Left/Right - Move rods
  • Down - Increase fall speed
  • F11 - Full screen


  • Windows - none
  • Linux/Mac - Python 2.6+, Pygame 1.8.1+


  • Windows - double-click "scale-sieve" EXE
  • Linux/Mac - run ./OPEN-GAME on the command line

Raspberry Pi

Add --gpio to the command line to read input from buttons wired to the Raspberry Pi (the buttons should be wired to GPIO 17 and 27).


If running on Linux without X-Windows (for example, Raspberry Pi Lite OS), there are two options for launching

  • add --kms to the command line if the newer KMS driver and Pygame 2 are being used
  • add --fb to use the framebuffer if using Pygame 1